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Online sabong meaning

Sabong is a traditional sporting event in the Philippines that dates back centuries. It’s still one of the most popular betting events in the country, but the good news is that you can now play it online! Live sabong takes place between two roosters and their handlers. The roosters are placed into an arena and then allowed to fight amongst themselves until one of them defeated. You don’t even need to leave your home to enjoy this classic game of chicken, because players now have access to modern technology as well as live streaming options for betting on these exciting games.

Basic rules of online sabong

if you want to place your first bet then there is only one step that you need to do. That step is simple: Choose the bet type based on your choice between the two of them or tie; first-guess or last-guess!

  • MERON (this represents the rooster with a more championship appearance, and the representative color will be red)
  • WALA (for the less experienced rookie fighter, the color will be blue)
  • TIE (if two roosters continue to fight, it is a tie, the representative color is yellow or rate color)

Steps to bet on sabong

Choose a betting party  

Before the game starts, the host will show the bettors two roosters and players can observe and choose which side you want to bet on at this time.  

Start the battle  

When all bettors have placed their bets, the host will announce the start of the battle and the two guilds will begin to fight, with the overall game time ranging from a few minutes to half an hour.  

Match Results  

When one of the roosters is unable to fight or both roosters are unable to fight, the match is over!  

How to bet on live sabong at S888?

Sabong betting is a fun, fast-paced and easy way to make money! We are confident that you will have an amazing time enjoying Sabong betting. Sabong can be played at S888 by anyone, anywhere, at any time.

  • Step 1: Register as a member

If you want to play online sabong, you need to register as a member first. Go to the s888 website and click on “S888 sign up”.

  • Step 2: Fill in your information

Fill in all the information required to apply for membership, make sure it is correct and click on “Confirm”.

  • Step 3: Make a deposit

Next, you need to make a deposit before you can bet on sabong, click on the deposit option under “Member Account”.

  • Step 4: Start sabong betting

At S888, we offer live sabong matches, so you can place your bets anytime, anywhere without missing a single match.

Enjoy the thrill of an interactive betting event with our live sabong. With exciting features and prizes, you can start betting right now!

Betting guide of sabong

Sabong is a sport in which two specially bred roosters (not hens) are placed in an arena and fight. They are trained for this purpose, with the goal of producing fierce fighters. If you are new to Filipino sabong and want to bet on it, you probably want to know more about it. The first thing that you will need to understand is how betting works. You might be surprised at how simple this all is. Here’s a basic guide on betting at online s888 sabong live so you can find out how to bet:

  • Type of bet

The first thing that you need to know about betting on sabong is that what kinds of bet it have. You simply need to choose a winner and collect your winnings. However, when it comes to betting on champions and biggest winners, there are rounds or matchese; you can either bet on single price or combination of rounds. You can win huge sums of money by betting on the champion being defeated by an underdog in a particular round.

  • View the competition history

Online sabong will allow you to bet on different birds. You can get a rough idea of how strong they are by looking at the color of their trend circles, as this is how many wins and losses they have. If you see that a roosters has a higher number of blue circles, then it means they have more losses than wins, and if you a roosters has a higher number of red circles, it means they have more wins than losses. The yellow or green circles represent the number of ties. Just make sure that the roosters you want to bet have number of wins outweighs the losses.

  • Check out the odds

You can bet your money on online sabong anytime you want. All you have to do is make sure that you’re ready to place your money on the team of your choice. The first thing that you would want to do is check out the odds and find out which team looks like it will win. If so then you can place your bets accordingly and wait for the results to come in. With online sabong odds, you are able to get a much better idea of which bird is the favorite and which one is the underdog. You can also find out about how money is changing hands in a specific match. It’s possible to become familiar with the different types of bets, as well as how bets are categorized according to the types of games they represent. Once you know all that you need to, you can feel free to place your own bets.

  • Evaluate the roosters

Before a sabong start, the spectators and bettors will be given the opportunity to see the roosters in the ring. They should also evaluate their agility, strength and stamina before betting on them in order to ensure that they can still compete despite sustaining injuries. It is also important for them to check how shiny their feathers were. A person can tell how well-fed and well-taken care of a roosters is by checking its shine. In addition, a rooster with rough feathers may have fought in previous matches or had other injuries in previous matches that make it difficult to win in future matches.

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Yes, online sabong is regulated by Philippine Entertainment and PAGCOR.
sabong is an exciting and fun game, if you plan to bet on cockfighting, make sure you place your bets in s888
As soon as one of the roosters quits the fight, it’s a loser.
Yes, we are strictly regulated by a third party, so you can bet with us with confidence.
The sabong has a long history in the Philippines and the event has changed the lives of many Filipinos.