Introduction to the most traditional rules of Sabong competition

Sabong competitions have different rules and differences in different countries and regions. Southeast Asian countries such as the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand, etc. Where sabong betting competitions are popular, have their own set of sabong competition rules, but most of them Nine is not far from ten. Today, let’s use s888 live to learn about the traditional rules of sabong!

General cockfighting rules

Sabong competition is actually quite simple, in fact, it is to let two fighting cocks fight each other! Cockfighting has a long history, but the rules of cockfighting have not changed much from ancient times to the present.

Cockfights are not won until one dies

The two fighting cocks are all fighting to the point of exhaustion, and when they are dying, they still have to be sprayed with water to wake them up, so that the two fighting cocks can make persistent efforts, or continue to fight even harder. That means seeing one gamecock peck the other to death. In some cases, the loser lies on the ground and does not move, allowing the opponent to trample on him, and the game of cockfighting is over.

One defeat in a cockfight equals a lifetime of defeat

If you lose in one battle, you will lose for life! Therefore, if the investor buys the wrong fighting cock and loses the first time, he will lose a lot. Because according to the first rule, the fighting cocks who were defeated either died on the spot or could not live for a few days. Very few of them were lucky enough to save their lives, either blinded or broke their wings, let alone Let them return to the battlefield, even if they let them listen to the enemy’s cry again, the defeated chicken will be scared to death.

Sabong game rules with three chances to call a timeout

In order to adjust the combat state of the cockfight, the owner has three chances to call a timeout during the cockfight. During the first two timeouts, the fighting cock owner can step forward to appease his chicken, feed it water or less food, and re-enter the field after a short rest. At the third timeout, neither of the two masters could move forward. The fighting cock adjusted itself, and then the game entered a climax, and the winner would be decided. Using s888, you will have a more detailed understanding of what sabong is, and experience the true charm of sabong.

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